New Higher Postage Prices in Effect Today

As I mentioned the other day, new higher postage prices went into effect today.  The United States Postal Service increased the price of a first class stamp by 1 penny to 42 cents.

This means that your photo stamps will now be a bit more expensive as well.  Still, photo stamps are an excellent gift even at the higher price.  It’s personalized, customized postage and there’s no other gift like it!

Prices seem to be going up on everything these days; too bad. But again, photo stamps are still pretty cool.

If you need a little pick-me-up because of this not so great news, how about a little humor related to the new higher postage prices?  Check out this funny video clip by Funman about the new higher rates – it’s hilarious!  After watching it, you’ll wonder if the higher price is actually justified considering some of the “quality service” we get from the Postal Service!


Give Mom Photo Stamps, Real U.S. Postage, for Mother’s Day

Photo stamps make a great unique gift for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, Sunday, May 11, 2008.  If you don’t have a gift for Mom, consider photo stamps.  Okay, sure, you won’t have them in time for tomorrow (since you must order online and then wait a week or two for them to arrive by mail), but you can print out the home page of the Photo Stamps web site and show that Mom to let know that she’ll be getting photo stamps from you!

It’s real U.S. postage of course, and the stamps are customized with whatever picture you want to put on them. 

Mom can fun a lot of fun with these even when she’s writing out checks for the bills.  How can she not smile doing such a grunt-work unpleasureable task (bill paying) when she’s got familiar faces staring back at her from her sheet of personalized photo stamps!

Then again, Mom will probably only use them on special notes to friends – why would she waste them on bills, especially if the customized postage shows her kids or “cutest in the world” grandkids!

Of course, if she’s like my mother, she won’t use them at all since they’re just to precious to use up.  I got my Mom a sheet of photo stamps showing her two young grandsons and she loved the sheet so much she had it framed!  It’s hung in her living room!

Still, photo stamps make an excellent Mother’s Day gift.  They’re personalized, unique, and attractive (even nice enough to be framed and displayed anywhere in your house).

Note: On Monday, May 12, 2008, first class postage goes up a penny to 42 cents, so order your photo stamps before then to lock in today’s price (otherwise you’ll pay more come Monday).


Photo Stamps Free Shipping For Valentine’s Day

February 14 – Valentines Day! Hey, that’s next week. Need something a little different, a bit unique, but still very personal for that special someone in your life for this upcoming holiday of love?

How about photo stamps?

And for a limited time – because it’s Valentine’s Day – PhotoStamps has made the offer even sweeter!

Free shipping! Be sure to enter this promo code when you order: cupid

Give the gift of PhotoStamps to surprise that special someone in your life. It’s perfect for that hard-to-buy-for person. And you can also use PhotoStamps to make your Valentine’s Day cards truly stand out.

Photo stamps (customized postage stamps) are:

  • Great for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion!
  • Perfect for gifts and greeting cards

You can take a photo of you and your lover, like this:

Photo stamps picture in frame

… and turn it almost instantly into a photo stamp like this:

Photo stamp made from picture

So order your PhotoStamps right now and get free shipping!

Enter promo code: cupid

Better hurry though, because this free shipping offer expires 2/14/2008.

Personal Postage and Your New Baby

Your new baby – your new pride and joy! She’s all-consuming in terms of your time and attention, yet you still find the resources to send out New Baby announcements and photo after photo to Mom and Dad, Sis, all your cousins, and old friends and new, right?

Baby on Personal Postage StampYou have another friend in the U.S. Postal Service, which has a web-based do-it-yourself service to make super-sized postage stamps of your new little munchkin so you can get one more shot on the envelope of all those announcements and photo mailings you’re doing (or will do)!

It’s PhotoStamps, and you can check it out here.

You simply upload a photo, make your design (it’s SO easy!), and have your credit card ready to complete your order.

A company spokeperson recently commented that her sister made PhotoStamps using a picture of her nephew’s fingerpaintings! The ideas for PhotoStamps are limitless. But just in case, the site has plenty of idea stimulators to help you out.

Just so you know, the minimum order is for one (1) sheet of 20 photo stamps, and overall, with shipping accounted for, you’ll pay about three times the amount for a regular 41-cent First Class postage stamp. But, these stamps are big, about three times the size of a regular stamp.

Of course, it’s worth it, right? Afterall, Little Junior will be all grown up before you know it!

With PhotoStamps you can turn your own digital photos into real US postage! Create yours today.

Create Photo Stamps and Be Entered to Win a Trip To Washington D.C.

It’s the photo stamps of the year contest for 2007-2008. Each time you order photo stamps from August 2007 to July 2008, you are automatically entered to win a trip to Washington D.C. to see your photo stamps on display at the famed Smithsonian Museum!

There are three top prizes:

  • Grand Prize: The Washington D.C. trip and your photo stamps in the Smithsonian
  • First Runner Up: Canon PowerShot digital camera
  • Second Runner Up: $250 gift certificate for photo stamps

Place your order for photo stamps now and be automatically entered to win!

Also, you have a chance every month to win and become a finalist for the big prizes! Monthly winners get a special commemorative unique framed custom set of photo stamps using your finalist image.

How’s that for a little push to get you to create some personalized postage stamps! I think it’s pretty cool!

Here’s one of the winners from last year:

photo stamps contest winner washington dc trip

So get to it! Click here to get your own photo stamps and get in the contest!

Photo Stamps

Photo stamps.

Shop for your photo stamps by clicking here.

These are neat! Real, actual postage you make yourself from any digital photo! You upload your photo at the photo stamps site, tweak your design, and place your order.

photo stampsPackaged in sheets of 20 stamps, they arrive in a few days. And you’ll notice they’re quite large compared to regular stamps. And these personalized postage stamps are actually stick on labels.

I’ll be writing more about photo postage stamps on this blog. For now, here’s another blog with more information about photo stamps.